New School Year, New Job

Finally, a year where I didn’t sign up for EVERYTHING at my kid’s school. It IS possible, to go to back to school night, and sign up for only the classroom stuff. 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it!


I signed up for class party stuff, and there is a sheet for “room parent” sign up. I signed up, on the second line, and in parenthesis, put “only if no one else can do it”. So, all I will be doing is healthy treat for one party, paper products for another party, and sweet treats for the last one. I will be in the classroom to help with the kids, too. 3 days out of the school year is not bad at all. =D

New Job!

I am still on orientation. The orientation is crazy long, but totally worth it, since I will be scrubbing for nearly everything (except hearts, unless they invite me to that team).

I have had no real problems or personality clashes, which is amazing when there are a bunch of women around each-other. But, I guess all of the women I work with are exactly that: Women. They may gossip, and such, but not to the extent of hurting co-workers.

Now. The best thing ever! (not really, but you’ll see what I mean, if ya keep reading)

I snot cried.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I started crying, while scrubbed in for surgery, and had to step out of the OR. No one hurt my feelings. No one was mean to me, so much that it would make me cry. I was annoyed, yes, but that comes with the territory. But, I left he OR, had my preceptor step in and take over. Then I went to the women’s bathroom, and had a full on, snot cry fest. Every time someone came in, they asked if I was okay, and I would laugh, and cry at the same time, seriously convincing myself that I was crazy (but that’s a story for another time. ūüėČ ). They were like Did “Preceptor’s name” make you cry? I responded with a yes/no style answer, because yes, he was annoying the shit out of me. Then they asked if the surgeon was mean, and that was a definite no, because he was actually being pretty nice for what everyone had said about him.

Basically what I needed, while snot-crying at work.
Basically what I needed, while snot-crying at work.

I pulled my shit together and went on the rest of the day, doing the rest of my surgeries. Then, a couple of days later, I was telling some co-workers about it. We all laughed so hard, we were crying. I like to call that “snot-laughing”.

For real, though, the new job is fabulous. My co-workers are awesome.

And, I LOVE surgery. (Neuro and ortho are my favorites)

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Job Changes

I have changed jobs before. I have done the transition from high “school diploma employee” to “college graduate employee”. I have made that leap.


That wasn’t scary. That was new and exciting, and life altering in such a way, that it couldn’t go bad.

This time, its scary, because it is all new. It is all things I learned while in college… 5+ years ago.


For the last 4 years and 2 months, I have done the same surgery, over and over. I don’t need to recall all¬†(alllllllllll)¬†of the medical terminology, that I worked so hard to memorize while in school. I don’t need to recall much anatomy, at all. I could probably do my current job with my eyes closed. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I am changing from doing 1 kind of surgery, to doing multiple kinds of surgeries each day, in a different hospital, with different surgeons. That makes me excited. It is also a bit intimidating. I am hoping my preceptor is patient, and is okay refreshing my memory on all the anatomy and physiology that I must remember for the position I have accepted.


Lots of people think that people only leave jobs because bad things happened there. Or that they didn’t like it anymore.

For me, that’s not the case. Yeah, there were a few things that I didn’t like, or that I didn’t agree with, but, that’s not MY reasoning as to why I am moving on. I mean, we are always going to disagree with something someone says or does. Right? And if we all changed jobs on that reason alone, no one would hold a job for very long, at all.

My reasons are simple.

I want to advance my career. I have a career goal, and I plan on achieving it. The only way to achieve my goal, is to further my education in my field. To further my education in my field, I must be trained by someone who knows how things go. I must take this leap, and pray for all of my skills to kick back in. I need to learn how to do as many different kinds of surgeries as I can possibly do. I need to be able to do them quickly and confidently.


My goal was to do Trauma surgeries. There is something so amazing about being able to do a stat surgery for whatever comes through the door. I want to be amazing.

My next goal, is to become a first assist. I would love to be a private scrub/first assist for a Trauma Surgeon. (I have no clue why I capitalized that…) Becoming a first assist requires more schooling. And to have a LOT of surgeries under¬†my belt.

So, here I go. Moving on. Taking a leap into what will be my future.

Thank you, my current job, for introducing me to surgical technology, outside of the classroom.

It’s been real!



I’m going to do something a little different, from what I normally do. No funnies today.

It’s all around us. It’s coming for all of us. You can’t hide from it, but you don’t want to face it, either. ¬†And that’s fine.

I know how it feels, to lose a sibling.

I know how it feels, to lose a friend.

An uncle.

I do not know how it feels to lose a parent or a child.

Now, I know how it feels, to lose a friend’s father.

No, I haven’t seen him in a long time.

No, we didn’t talk, at all in the last 5 years.

Yes. He was like a father to me, when I was a kid.

Yes, my heart is breaking.

But, not exactly for the reasons you would think.

My heart breaks for each of his daughters. 4 girls, raised by a single father, who was a recovering alcoholic. Man, he tried his damnedest to make sure his girls knew right from wrong, and also knew how to stand up for themselves.

He was the kind of dad that would, when he caught you stoned out of your mind, would sit you down, and give you a drug talk, that lasted (what seemed like) hours, telling you what you should NEVER try, and things that were relatively safe and not addictive, and he didn’t care that your friend was there.

He was the type of dad that told his 15 year old daughter to move back home, when she was pregnant. Allowed his daughters to live with him, with their kids, for as long as they needed, to get on their feet.

He was also the type of dad that called you out for being an idiot (again, friend not excluded), when you were being an idiot.

He was the man that was told, year after year, that he had “this long” left to live, and outlived every single prediction by DECADES.


Until this morning.

He went in for shortness of breath, and chest pain, and was told he had less than 24 hours left.

No treatments left.

My heart breaks for the grandbabies. All of the grandbabies. The ones who were blessed to be able to meet and know him. The littles, that won’t get a chance to snuggle in grandpa’s lap, and remember.

My friends.

My sisters.

Their kids.

My nieces and nephew.

I love each and every one of them.

My heart is with them in this hour of sadness, and always.

Death is never easy, no matter the time apart.

Heartbreak is heartbreak is heartbreak.

Most of us girls, being "gangsta"
Most of us girls, being “gangsta”

Please excuse the lack of quality to this picture. It is almost 20 years old. (And don’t judge us for being wannabes. ūüėĚ)

Rest In Peace, Charles “Dad” Rios. You will forever hold a place in my heart.

Pushing the Limits

If I weren’t so short, I wouldn’t worry about my weight, like I do. But, as luck would have it, I am all of 4’11”. Yay for short people!

I’ve been trying really hard, to work out and get my butt back into shape (that ISN’T round). The other evening, my husband mentioned ice cream. There’s this great little ice cream shop down the street from our house. Okay, it’s about a mile away. I wanted ice cream, really, really bad. It was a beautiful evening, so I figured we would walk. My husband grabs the car keys, and heads for the car.

I battled it out, in my head for a few seconds, probably looking like a crazy person, in the process. I decided I would earn the ice cream. I would earn the ice cream, by running to the ice cream shop.

That was great. I didn’t think that through, properly.

I arrived at Dips N Sips, and, as any runner would know, started sweating, profusely. So, as we are standing there, there were 2 couples ahead of us, and we were the last ones in line. Then another family shows up. This family had about 6 kids with them, for a total of 8 people. Then another family arrived, and I felt so bad for anyone who was within smelling distance of me, which was all of them.

I earned that ice cream! And so did every other person who stepped into that ice cream shop, while I was in there.

Now, I am not some health nut. I’m not going to lie, I used to be. I am trying to be healthy, without being obsessed about it. So, how do I force myself to “get healthy”?

I sign up for¬† 2 5k Obstacle course races, a 10k obstacle course race, and a 5k run. And, I¬†still have 2-4 more obstacle course races¬†that I want to sign up for! Whaaat is my problem? I can’t even RUN for a full mile without falling over, or a leg cramping, or something else¬†that makes me sound so much older than I really am, happening.

I keep signing up for these races, hoping that someone signs up to run with me. I haven’t really thought about what I will do, if I sign up for something, and no one signs up to run with me. I don’t know how I would feel about that. I’m okay “running” alone, but, in these OCRs, you need a friend. I guess I could rely on strangers, but, that would be so weird.

The OCR I did last August, that I thought I was going to die at, I signed up for, again. Yay for being an idiot! Wahoo!

Wish me luck. Say a prayer. Anything so I don’t die!

Oh, speaking of dying. Within the release papers, that you sign before participating in these mud races, there is one line that says “Race people will not be held accountable for things being in the mud. ex: rocks, sticks, chainsaws…”


What? The? Fuck? Chainsaws? Why would there be chainsaws in the mud? Whyyy?! Why do you put things like this in the waiver? Seriously. Why?!

Signed it, anyway.  There were no chainsaws, or other sharp objects in the mud.


I do get super paranoid, right before a¬†race, though. I think things like, ” this will be the day there is a fucking chainsaw in my mud”, or “I’m going to get to the top of that cargo net, and then fall, and break my neck, today!”

Then start time comes, and off you run. All fears aside. All you think about is making it across that mud pond without falling in, or if you do fall in, keeping some part of your body mud free, so you can wipe your eyes with that body part.

But really, CHAINSAWS?

VaLeNtiNe’S dAy! <3

So, on a regular Valentine’s day, in my household, we don’t buy anything for each-other. Typically…

This year, we decided to go ahead with gifts. Nothing typical, though. We bought our daughter a pink and white Pegasus, that sings some Demi Lovato song, (is that how her name is spelled? I’m not checking google.) and dances. Yes, it DANCES!¬†It’s quite hilarious to put it on the floor and watch our dog’s reaction.

We also got her a cutesy necklace with her name on it. FUN! Every 10-year-old girl wants a necklace with her name on it. I remember when I was 10, and wanting one, but, for the love of all things holy, my name was NEVER on anything! And, if we ever found anything with my name on it, it was spelled wrong. (Yes, I am still bitter about this. Does it show?)

Well. I bought my husband Bluetooth ear buds that sit around the neck. Since he works for¬†FedEx, it’s very helpful to have them. The thing vibrates when there’s incoming calls. Great thing, because his truck is LOUD! He never hears his phone ring. (Or he doesn’t really want to¬†talk to me. Who knows? I’ll believe the loud truck. ūüėȬ† )

So, what do I get? Should I start with the amazing gift or the hilariously awful one??

I’ll start with the amazing one. =D¬† I really love the old-fashioned¬†look. Like, polka-dots and petticoats. Classic look. Well,¬†my¬†amazing husband bought me a red dress, with black polka-dots that’s totally old school. I LOVE it! LIKE, LOVE IT A WHOLE BUNCH!¬†I will wear it with my black belt, that’s tighter, and much cuter than the tie-belt. Here’s what it looks like. Sort-of. Mine has black lace that shows on the bottom. And, I shall wear a petticoat. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL??

Now, the hilarious/awful thing, looks a little like this:

Now, the difference is, mine is long-sleeved. So, I’m looking at this thing, that looks like a seriously fucked up pair of fish net stockings, only it looks like there’s 4 legs. And yes. There’s a hole in the crotch as well. I nearly died when saw it. I said “Uh… What the hell is this? I only have 2 legs.”

My husband started laughing.

I will never wear this. EVER!

When he explained what it was, I said, “Was that FREE? Or close to free?” For the love, that should have been free!

Under $5. Close enough to free for me.

He also got me a pair of crotchless fish net pantyhose. O_o No. nonononono.

I really did get a hell of a laugh out of those items. And, knowing my husband, that’s what he was going for. Mostly…

It’s also wonderful to know he still wants to see me in these nasty sex¬†outfits. ;P

Tell me:

1. What’s the best Valentine’s day gift you have ever received?

2. What’s the worst Valentine’s gift you have ever received?

For my wonderful, amazing, hilarious, crazy, did I mention AMAZING, husband, I LOVE YOU. You know how to make me smile.

Christmas Shopping, and many things Christmas

Christmas shopping, is meant to be done throughout the year, rather than all bunched up, in a two week time period.

Well. That’s how WE plan it, anyway. Is that ever how it works out?

Not a chance. We talk, every year, on December 26th, about how we are going to start Christmas shopping in January, because shopping in December is absolutely ridiculous. O_o.

This year. I made baskets for the 3 moms in our lives. They turned out super pretty.

These turned out so much cuter than expected!
These turned out so much cuter than expected!

Megan shopped for her whole family, at the dollar store. It’s always busy, there, and the aisles are all so small! Ugh!

All presents, wrapped in tinkerbell paper are from her, plus 4 in blue paper.
All presents, wrapped in tinkerbell paper are from her, plus 4 in blue paper.

That’s a lot of family! Wowza!

I never shop on black Friday, but, this year, I was close to heading out to a Wal-Mart near me, for this lovely blender. It was only $35! Although I didn’t go out on thanksgiving, to shop, I still got one of these! My aunt and cousin always go shopping at the black Friday sales. Lucky me! They picked one up for me!

Ninja, baby! Now, I need some fruit, yogurt, Ice, and spinach. Yum!
Ninja, baby! Now, I need some fruit, yogurt, Ice, and spinach. Yum!

Our elf has gotten in to quite a bit of trouble, making donuts, drinking all of the root beer, and wasting our post it notes.

Donuts, for me? How sweet!
Donuts, for me? How sweet!
What beautiful at work, Erick!
What beautiful at work, Erick!
You didn't leave any for me? Greedy, Erick!
You didn’t leave any for me? Greedy, Erick!

Tsk task, Elf Boy. Tsk tsk!

We have decorated our entire Living room, with Christmas decor. It’s like Hobby Lobby exploded in our living room. (50% off of all holiday items!)

Sports on tv. I should have put the Grinch on instead.
Sports on tv. I should have put the Grinch on instead.
I can't NOT show you our pretty tree.
I can’t NOT show you our pretty tree.
And this beauty. I want this in sweater form. Ugly sweater party, here I come!
And this beauty. I want this in sweater form. Ugly sweater party, here I come!

This wall art is 3d. Like, it pops out. There is even tulle on it! Amazing. And it’s huge. Probably about 3ft by 1.5ft, or so.

It is so much fun to decorate. The outside of our house isn’t fun at all. We have blue “icicles” lights, and a small blow up Christmas Fox. I want to wrap the trunks of our trees with lights, because I’ve always thought that looks cool. I really want light up yard decorations, because I’m weird like that.

I love driving around, and seeing all of the lights and decorations. It’s all so pretty. I took Meg to Candy Cane Lane, this year. She doesn’t remember going before. Candy Cane Lane is a CulDeSac of amazing proportion! At the “end” of the culdesac, there is a GIANT tree, and it is decorated, and lit, every year. This year marks their 50th anniversary, doing this. There are, literally, giant candy canes at the entrance, and every yard is decorated beautifully. I’ll have to head out, one night, and take photos, and do a whole thing on just that street. I feel like everyone should see it!

Well, it’s time for dinner, so I’ll end here, today. I’m going to head out to Candy Cane Lane, tomorrow night.

I am going to explode. And, the elf is back.

Well. Today was fantastic. I saw a few people from my family, ¬†and a BUNCH of people from the husband’s side. I had two full Thanksgiving meals AND desserts. Our pies were a hit. YAY US!

Downside? I felt like I might explode. I laid down on my brother in laws bed, and let all my nephews, and my daughter jump on the bed with me laying there. It was like a baby being burped. Magic!

Speaking of my husband’s brother’s room… I walked up there, the door was cracked a ¬†bit, so I just pushed it open, and walked right in. You realize How important drawing for secret Santa is, right?! Well. I stood there talking to my brother in law, for at least 90 seconds, before I realized a cousin, of the male species, was standing there, without pants on. I was like, “blah blah blah. OK, send the boys to me, when they get here, and whoa, you have no pants on. Okay, bye.” As I turned swiftly, and walked out of the room. Really though, no big deal. I only saw pants being pulled up, out if the corner of my eye. It could have been so much worse. Thank ¬†you, sweet baby Jesus, for such a minor, nearly non existent thing. I only share the story, because it was hilarious.

Who can stand in a room, and NOT realize someone is missing a vital piece of clothing? Me. That’s who.

On to other things. Social Media. Annnd…

I set my daughter up with an instagram account. It’s oober private, though. Like, I ¬†have to go on there and approve follow requests, and stuff. ¬†She is posting videos of herself, singing along to the songs on the radio.

Awe. She is SOOOO  my kid. I did that, but, I was recording my voice onto a tape, and playing it for all my neighborhood friends. Ha!

I believe she took about 3 or 4 selfies,  2 selfie videos, and a food picture. I feel like she understands instagram.  Right?

She has scrolled through, and commented on everyone’s pictures. She even came to me, and said “Instagram is sooooo ¬†addictive!” Silly girl.

I need to get this kid a blog site, so she can just blow it up. Well, by “blow it up”, I mean entertain people. She is super funny.

Now, more importantly, it is Thanksgiving night. Guess what that means? Tree’s up. Decorations are up. Lights are strung out front. Annnnnnnd…





F*ck  me.

Our little guy is coming out, tonight. I need a calender of things he will be doing this winter. I need to be prepared. Seriously.

Can you see him?

He's baaaaaaaa aaaaack.
He’s baaaaaaaa aaaaack.


My Pie
My Pie

Well, this year is going to be marked as the first year that I have contributed to a Thanksgiving dinner. Who cares if it is only dessert? (why does my pie look burnt? It isn’t burnt, I swear!!) I not only made this pie, I had my 10 year old make one, too. Yay!!

Meg's Pie
Meg’s Pie

I decided, since I am now 32 years old, and haven’t done much contributing (if any) to the holiday dinners, I should start now. It’s only fair, since I go and eat everyone else’s food. Right?

I won’t lie. I was scared out of my mind, to make pies. I used to stand in the kitchen doorway, and watch my mom’s skillful hands, as she made the pie crust from scratch, keeping things cold with her ice cubes (or ice water). I always thought that was too much of a pain, and I always wanted to help her, but the closest I was allowed into the kitchen (because our kitchen was TINY), was the doorway, and sometimes, I was lucky if I even got to stand there.

Anyway. I was scared to even try. I found the recipe (by googling “apple pie recipes”), and I thought, well damn! That looks easy. The part that sparked my interest was the lack of “ice” or “ice water” anywhere in the ingredients, or items needed lists. Whew! Dodged that bullet. I bought a premade pie crust (for the bottom crust) YAY ME! Then, I made pie.

Friendsgiving was what sparked my interest in the pie department. I figured we couldn’t have friendsgiving with no pie! No. Way. In. Hell.

And. I love pie. Apple to be precise. If you want to butter me up, and put me in a good mood, bake me an apple crumble pie (or stop in at your local market, and pick one up. I’m not picky). Just make sure it is the kind with the crust on the bottom. I don’t like the ones without a bottom crust. I don’t even think that’s pie.


I stood next to Meg, watched her peel the apples, and slice the apples, and had her measure and mix in all of the ingredients on her pie. She did amazing. Her pie even looks better than my pie does. haha.

The recipe I used, as a base recipe, is HERE.

Here’s how I tweaked it:

For the pie filling, I added a little extra sugar, because the original pie didn’t seem to have anything in the filling, like a normal pie. I wanted… No. I NEEDED the ooey gooey of the pie filling.

I also decided 1.5-2 teaspoons of cinnamon would be PERFECT. I don’t want to use the cinnamon to scent the pie. I want it to taste cinnamony. (the 1/2 teaspoon didn’t quite work out for me.)

On the topping, I added about 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg. (the cinnamon and nutmeg were for color more than flavor, and the sugar was just to sweeten the top crust a bit, and to get rid of the floury taste.)

I will bet everyone out there has their pies made, and ready for tomorrow. But, if you don’t, this takes no time at all! ūüėČ

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

And, for any of you people out there who are looking for the PERFECT Thanksgiving song,


A Contest? Guess how many…

Hey hey! To enter my little contest, (and by little, I really mean little) click the link below, and enter your guess, of how many inches I will lose, by Wednesday.  My original measurements are in my first blog, on this subject, (which you will find a link to, in the blog below.)


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