New School Year, New Job

Finally, a year where I didn’t sign up for EVERYTHING at my kid’s school. It IS possible, to go to back to school night, and sign up for only the classroom stuff. 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it!


I signed up for class party stuff, and there is a sheet for “room parent” sign up. I signed up, on the second line, and in parenthesis, put “only if no one else can do it”. So, all I will be doing is healthy treat for one party, paper products for another party, and sweet treats for the last one. I will be in the classroom to help with the kids, too. 3 days out of the school year is not bad at all. =D

New Job!

I am still on orientation. The orientation is crazy long, but totally worth it, since I will be scrubbing for nearly everything (except hearts, unless they invite me to that team).

I have had no real problems or personality clashes, which is amazing when there are a bunch of women around each-other. But, I guess all of the women I work with are exactly that: Women. They may gossip, and such, but not to the extent of hurting co-workers.

Now. The best thing ever! (not really, but you’ll see what I mean, if ya keep reading)

I snot cried.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I started crying, while scrubbed in for surgery, and had to step out of the OR. No one hurt my feelings. No one was mean to me, so much that it would make me cry. I was annoyed, yes, but that comes with the territory. But, I left he OR, had my preceptor step in and take over. Then I went to the women’s bathroom, and had a full on, snot cry fest. Every time someone came in, they asked if I was okay, and I would laugh, and cry at the same time, seriously convincing myself that I was crazy (but that’s a story for another time. 😉 ). They were like Did “Preceptor’s name” make you cry? I responded with a yes/no style answer, because yes, he was annoying the shit out of me. Then they asked if the surgeon was mean, and that was a definite no, because he was actually being pretty nice for what everyone had said about him.

Basically what I needed, while snot-crying at work.
Basically what I needed, while snot-crying at work.

I pulled my shit together and went on the rest of the day, doing the rest of my surgeries. Then, a couple of days later, I was telling some co-workers about it. We all laughed so hard, we were crying. I like to call that “snot-laughing”.

For real, though, the new job is fabulous. My co-workers are awesome.

And, I LOVE surgery. (Neuro and ortho are my favorites)

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


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