I am going to explode. And, the elf is back.

Well. Today was fantastic. I saw a few people from my family,  and a BUNCH of people from the husband’s side. I had two full Thanksgiving meals AND desserts. Our pies were a hit. YAY US!

Downside? I felt like I might explode. I laid down on my brother in laws bed, and let all my nephews, and my daughter jump on the bed with me laying there. It was like a baby being burped. Magic!

Speaking of my husband’s brother’s room… I walked up there, the door was cracked a  bit, so I just pushed it open, and walked right in. You realize How important drawing for secret Santa is, right?! Well. I stood there talking to my brother in law, for at least 90 seconds, before I realized a cousin, of the male species, was standing there, without pants on. I was like, “blah blah blah. OK, send the boys to me, when they get here, and whoa, you have no pants on. Okay, bye.” As I turned swiftly, and walked out of the room. Really though, no big deal. I only saw pants being pulled up, out if the corner of my eye. It could have been so much worse. Thank  you, sweet baby Jesus, for such a minor, nearly non existent thing. I only share the story, because it was hilarious.

Who can stand in a room, and NOT realize someone is missing a vital piece of clothing? Me. That’s who.

On to other things. Social Media. Annnd…

I set my daughter up with an instagram account. It’s oober private, though. Like, I  have to go on there and approve follow requests, and stuff.  She is posting videos of herself, singing along to the songs on the radio.

Awe. She is SOOOO  my kid. I did that, but, I was recording my voice onto a tape, and playing it for all my neighborhood friends. Ha!

I believe she took about 3 or 4 selfies,  2 selfie videos, and a food picture. I feel like she understands instagram.  Right?

She has scrolled through, and commented on everyone’s pictures. She even came to me, and said “Instagram is sooooo  addictive!” Silly girl.

I need to get this kid a blog site, so she can just blow it up. Well, by “blow it up”, I mean entertain people. She is super funny.

Now, more importantly, it is Thanksgiving night. Guess what that means? Tree’s up. Decorations are up. Lights are strung out front. Annnnnnnd…





F*ck  me.

Our little guy is coming out, tonight. I need a calender of things he will be doing this winter. I need to be prepared. Seriously.

Can you see him?

He's baaaaaaaa aaaaack.
He’s baaaaaaaa aaaaack.

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