Our Children are Artists.

Our Children are Artists.

Have you ever sat back, and REALLY looked at you child’s art work?

I don’t mean just looking at it when they say, “Look what I made, Mommy/Daddy.”

I mean, really look. My daughter painted the picture, above. She hates it. She thinks it’s no good.

Me? I love it. It has a very Picasso feel, to it.

Our children add so much detail, to the art work they create. You should cherish the art, as if it is worth millions, because, it is priceless. Irreplaceable.

We love to keep paints and canvas in our home, to allow our daughter the freedom to be creative. We have let her play with paint, for a very long time, now. I believe her first “piece” was a frame she made for her Daddy.

She painted another piece, on an 20 something by something size canvas, that was our main focal point in our living room, for a very long time.

People would ask where we bought it, and who the artist was.

It was always fun to smile and point at our little one, and respond, “She’s pretty amazing.”

Right now, I feel like bad momma, because we haven’t had canvas for quite some time, now. Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby, soon.

Next time your munchkin comes running up to you, telling you to look at their art, do it. Put your glasses on, and REALLY look. See. You will be amazed at what you find.


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