Job Changes

I have changed jobs before. I have done the transition from high “school diploma employee” to “college graduate employee”. I have made that leap.


That wasn’t scary. That was new and exciting, and life altering in such a way, that it couldn’t go bad.

This time, its scary, because it is all new. It is all things I learned while in college… 5+ years ago.


For the last 4 years and 2 months, I have done the same surgery, over and over. I don’t need to recall all (alllllllllll) of the medical terminology, that I worked so hard to memorize while in school. I don’t need to recall much anatomy, at all. I could probably do my current job with my eyes closed. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I am changing from doing 1 kind of surgery, to doing multiple kinds of surgeries each day, in a different hospital, with different surgeons. That makes me excited. It is also a bit intimidating. I am hoping my preceptor is patient, and is okay refreshing my memory on all the anatomy and physiology that I must remember for the position I have accepted.


Lots of people think that people only leave jobs because bad things happened there. Or that they didn’t like it anymore.

For me, that’s not the case. Yeah, there were a few things that I didn’t like, or that I didn’t agree with, but, that’s not MY reasoning as to why I am moving on. I mean, we are always going to disagree with something someone says or does. Right? And if we all changed jobs on that reason alone, no one would hold a job for very long, at all.

My reasons are simple.

I want to advance my career. I have a career goal, and I plan on achieving it. The only way to achieve my goal, is to further my education in my field. To further my education in my field, I must be trained by someone who knows how things go. I must take this leap, and pray for all of my skills to kick back in. I need to learn how to do as many different kinds of surgeries as I can possibly do. I need to be able to do them quickly and confidently.


My goal was to do Trauma surgeries. There is something so amazing about being able to do a stat surgery for whatever comes through the door. I want to be amazing.

My next goal, is to become a first assist. I would love to be a private scrub/first assist for a Trauma Surgeon. (I have no clue why I capitalized that…) Becoming a first assist requires more schooling. And to have a LOT of surgeries under my belt.

So, here I go. Moving on. Taking a leap into what will be my future.

Thank you, my current job, for introducing me to surgical technology, outside of the classroom.

It’s been real!



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